Social Media Marketing

KOA Solutions effectively helps your social media marketing by engaging more customers into your business. We do this by structuring your social media accounts to target the appropriate audience. Thus, this targeted audience will stop at your posts and check your page.

How we provide solutions for your social media marketing

1. Determine your goals.

2. Analyze your resources.

3. Discover targeted audience.

4. Create attractive content.

5. Make a schedule.

6. Focus on quality of post.


We make content for everyday people.

We believe successful social media marketing requires advertising to the average everyday individuals; if they are interested in your services or products, they will ask you for more information.

In modern society, social media is the place customers find your business.

According to Statista* in 2019, 70% of Canadians use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Social media is like the front side of your store building; we believe the front side needs to be well-organized and attractive.
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Contact KOA Solutions for your social media marketing today!

We take care of posts on your social media, and you will have more time to focus on your services/products. “Time is money; continually look for ways to do it faster and better” – Brian Tracy. Contact us today for a FREE assessment. Let’s make a plan to make your social media marketing succeed.