Powerful logo design tips!
logo design tips


If you want have a powerful logo design, it should be simple, memorable, timeless, versatile, and appropriate. Then, the logo will help to grow your brand.

Do You Think Your Logo is Considered as A Face of The Company?

We are an advertising company, so we would like to say yes. But, a face of your company is you, not your logo. Why do we write this article? Because, your logo is truly important for your customers to identify your services or products. For example, you are looking for a car, and you see a lot of good reviews on Honda’s cars. How do you get to know which cars are made by Honda? Definitely, you see the logo. We think the logo is more like a bridge between your customers’ knowledge and your products or services.

What makes a powerful logo design for your business

Why your logo is important for your business is your customers to identify your brand. This means they should be capable of receiving your messages by seeing your logo without any confusions. Do you have any ideas? The 5 tips of logo design is simple, memorable, timeless, versatile, and appropriate.

Simple logos tend to more recognizable than complex logos. Often people don’t like to spend a long time or use their bran to consider too much. Just imagine when you are reading a magazine – most magazines contains some ads in there. Do you pay attention on those ads? Sometime yes, but mostly not. If that logo is not simple, it is so difficult for your potential customers to memorize the logo.

We believe that logo design should be timeless. Actually this is depend on your business style. If you follow recent trends and run business in a short term, your logo should follow trends. But, you are planning to run a same business until you get retirement or even longer. Your logo should be timeless, because you make trends. A good example of timeless logo is Coca-Cola. Since 1886, their logo has never changed, and they are always one of the top company in the industry.

For advertising purpose, logo design should be versatile. Have you seen any ads that you feel difficult to see because of the background colour? Again, logo design should be recognizable, so mostly your logo should be a few colours and black/white version for multiple background colours.

Last but not least, your logo must be appropriate. This is most important tip of logo design. Even your logo follows other 4 tips – if your logo isn’t used appropriate colours, fonts, and images, the logo is completely useless. Think of your messages for your customer, and your logo must speak your messages to your customers.

Logo helps you to grow your brand

In today’s society, there are many competitors in your industry, and your products/services must to be very unique to defeat your competitors. So how your logo helps your company to increase sales? If your customers already know you are reliable and valuable, they often tend to pick products with your company logo when comparing with your competitors’ products. But, how they know your brand’s value? They usually see reviews of products or listen from their friends or coworkers and they remember your company. More and more people know your company by repeating these steps, and this is how your logo grows your brand.

Let’s design a logo for your business

Now you know why your logo is important. Do you think that you need a new powerful logo design? Or, your logo is already perfect for your brand. If you have any questions, please let us know. We are happy to support your business.

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