We don't make history, we change the future for the next generation.

About KOA Solutions

Since 2020

KOA Solutions was founded on January, 2020. After years in the graphic design industry, our founder, Kenta realized that most small companies in Calgary don’t have a customer-friendly website. There are many affordable website builders like WIx, Squarespace, Weebly, etc. that allow anyone to create a website without having technical training. Although this is cost efficient, the intricacies of building and maintaining a customer-friendly website are complex and time consuming.

KOA is an online advertising platform that support business owners who want to better reach their customers. We do this by providing online advertising services with professional graphic design, videography and marketing consultations. We create high quality websites that display information in a simple and engaging way.

Why we are called KOA Solutions

When our ambassador, Kenta, began working as an online advertising freelancer he named his company “Kenta Online Advertising Solutions”. Opportunely, the word “KOA” is the name given to a Hawaiian tree that is also known as “brave”. As seen in our logo, the tree flower from the tree KOA is a representation of brave business owners who step out and change the world around them with their innovative ideas.

Our mission

We are part of the solution for unemployment in Calgary. We do so by making businesses visible to the public. As customers become aware of the services and products offered by Calgary business owners they are likely to access them more frequently. As more customers use services these companies grow. As these companies grow more workers are needed to keep the business running. We truly believe that business owners in Calgary are the leaders in driving our economy forward. As a visionary company that loves Calgary, KOA strives to contribute to a strong growing community.