Calgary Design Solutions.

KOA Solutions is a design agency specializing B2C websites based in Calgary, Alberta. In addition, we will help you define your targeted customer market as we develop a user-friendly website for you and your future customers.


Our Services

Did you know people often see websites before deciding whether they try out your services? KOA Solutions researches and analyzes the market to ensure your website convinces prospect customers to try your products/services. We will become a business partner and work together for your customers.

Web Development

We provide custom designed websites that are user-friendly in both desktops and mobile devices.

Graphic Design

Whether digital or print, we produce are simple, clear, and attractive for your business and customers.

Online Business Strategy

We always research and analyze to consider the best way to promote your services/products to your customers

About KOA Solutions

Since 2020

KOA is an online advertising platform that support business owners who want to better reach their customers. We do this by providing online advertising services with professional graphic design, videography and marketing consultations. We create high quality websites that display information in a simple and engaging way.

Why We're Called KOA Solutions

When our ambassador, Kenta, began working as an online advertising freelancer he named his company “Kenta Online Advertising Solutions”. Opportunely, the word “KOA” is the name given to a Hawaiian forest that is also known as “brave”. As seen in our logo, the tree flower from the forest KOA is a representation of brave business owners who step out and change the world around them with their innovative ideas.

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