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KOA Solutions is an advertising agency, based in Calgary, Alberta. We provide winning strategies to promote your business to new customers.

Solutions for Your Website

Marketing strategies

We understand customer behavior and advertising strategies. No customer doesn't mean you are bad. Sometime, people just don't know about you.

Local business

According Yodle in2015, 82% of customers like to pay more to local services, because of better quality, trustworthy and reliable.

Online shopping

People now have a variety of life/work styles. An online shopping solves your neighborhoods to shop your products out of your business hours.

Responsive websites

Market share for mobile phones are increasing every year according to StatCounter. Responsive websites provide better usability and readability for your customers.

Email marketing

Email is an approach for your new customers to visit your website. Over 80% of people check websites before they physically visit a store.

User friendly

People love to complete their tasks without any mental stress, rather than facing technical difficulties. Usability makes good impression on your customers.

Increase Traffic to Your Website

GET More Customers by Advertising

Target Marketing

Define your target market to find new customers. Do you know who need your services/products? Do they already know about your business? If no, let them know “You are here”. Just remind you – they will check your website before physically visiting your store. 


Digital Marketing Strategies

Video Marketing

One of the most effective way to introduce your business. Why? It easily & clearly tells a story.


Appear your website to the top page in a google search with a key word.

Mobile App

Send notifications of your new products/services to big fans of yours.

Increase Traffic to Your Website

GET More Customers by Advertising

Lead generation

Engage more customers to get more revenue. We provide you eye-catching ads with strategic market analysis.

Content marketing

Share your useful information to the customers. They'll know you are reliable and you are a superhero.

Opt-in email

How do you send your news? Ask them to subscribe your email to receive helpful information from your blog.

Social media

2.82 billion people are using social media worldwide in 2019. Share your produces worldwide with an online shop.

Let's Solve Problems for Your Customers Together

Why do you own business? Only for money…No! People see a lot of stressful problems in their lives, and we know that you provide solutions for their problems. That’s why we’d like to let them know that Their Superhero is “HERE”.

solve customer's problem to achieve your goal

Let's Change the World

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